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April Photo Contest Results

We had lot’s of pictures submitted this month, so it was very hard to narrow it down, but here we go!

3rd place goes to Chinadoll Green for her Barred Rock

2nd place goes to Razorfarm for his Butcher stag

1st place goes to Al Sanchez for his Jerezano/Spanish cock

The May contest is now going too, so be sure to come over and enter your pictures of your birds at the Ultimate Fowl Forum!


Advertise your poultry related business on Ultimate Fowl

As our forum at Ultimate Fowl is expanding, we are constantly adding things to our site. We are in the in the process of adding a high quality chat to our site as you read this. If you have considered to promote your business before, or just your personal website that relates to chickens and their care, right now is the time to do it! You can add your banner in a rotation on our forum for the low price of 20.00 per year, and we can even provide a banner for you if you need one. We also have other opportunities for fixed banners for an additional fee, but space is limited, so please contact me for more details at We operate our site on a non profit basis, that is why our prices are so low, we do it because we want to help, and bring chicken enthusiasts together. We are just trying to raise enough money to help support our site, and to add a top quality chat, which is something we need to do with all the traffic we get now days. If this sounds like a good fit to your business, just contact me for more information!


January Photo Conest Winners

For the month of January, we split up the contest into two categories, a gamefowl one, and a standard breed one.  The winners for the gamefowl one are:

3rd place goes to Pablo Virtuoso

2nd place goes to tuzojoe

1st place goes to Red Beard for his Brazilian cock

Honorable mentions go to Shamo Mario, and bobbled67 for their submissions in the gamefowl category.  Now, as to the standard breed category…

3rd place goes to rodriguezpoultry

2nd place goes to MRNpoultry

1st place goes to IndianaGardener

Honorable mention goes to fowlafoot, and Ogichida for their submissions.  Congratulations to all the winners!  If you have chickens, and love to take pictures, be sure to enter them each month in the Ultimate Fowl photo contest!


September Photo Contest Results Announced!

The first of many photo contests at the Ultimate Fowl Forum is over, and the winners have been announced!   Congratulations to the winners!  Thanks to everyone for submitting some excellent pictures!  If you like to take pictures of your chickens, check out our next contest for the month of October HERE and enter some of your birds!

3rd Place goes to Ogichida


2nd Place goes to Japman


1st Place goes to game to the end

game to the end


New Poultry Photo Contest!

We are kicking off a great new contest at the Ultimate Fowl Forum. If you like to take pictures of your fowl, you will love our new photo contest area! Whether it is a crossed up mutt, or some kind of rare breed of gamefowl, your pictures are welcome. You will receive a certificate for entering your birds, and we have some great prizes too! You are allowed to enter as many times as you want, and the best thing is that it is all totally free! Come check out our September contest, and show us your best pictures of your chickens, we would love to see them!

Ultimate Fowl Photo Contest


Promote your farm’s website!

Do you have trouble getting traffic to your website? Do you have chickens, or other kinds of fowl you want to sell online? If the answer is yes to both of these questions, the Ultimate Fowl Forum has a new free service we are offering, tailor made for this problem! We have started a topsite style breeder list for small poultry, and game bird breeds, where you can list your site, and banner at no cost, and by doing so, your site will get picked up by search engines better. You will also get traffic directly from that site as it grows too, because it is directly linked to our forum, and people will use this list to find breeders who carry the specific fowl they are looking for! You can access the site at Ultimate Fowl Breeders List. All you have to do is submit your information, and follow the directions it gives you to get listed on the site, simple as that!


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