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January 2010 Photo Contest

Lots of pictures submitted this month, thanks for everyone’s participation. Here are the results!

3rd place goes to blackwellsgamefowl for their Saville birchen.

2nd place goes to csoto for their Jap bantam cock.

1st place goes to minime for their KO Shamo stag.

Congratulations to all the winners. If you want to enter a picture of your bird in our free monthly contest so you can have a chance at winning a ribbon, or just to get a certificate showing you are using your gamefowl for legal reasons, check out the Ultimate Fowl Forum.


June Contest Results

Third place goes to Ferdi

2nd place goes to Roundheadman

First place goes to Decoyman

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks for all the great pics that were submitted this month. If you want to enter your birds in our free monthly photo contest, just go to the Ultimate Fowl Forum, and sign up!


January Photo Conest Winners

For the month of January, we split up the contest into two categories, a gamefowl one, and a standard breed one.  The winners for the gamefowl one are:

3rd place goes to Pablo Virtuoso

2nd place goes to tuzojoe

1st place goes to Red Beard for his Brazilian cock

Honorable mentions go to Shamo Mario, and bobbled67 for their submissions in the gamefowl category.  Now, as to the standard breed category…

3rd place goes to rodriguezpoultry

2nd place goes to MRNpoultry

1st place goes to IndianaGardener

Honorable mention goes to fowlafoot, and Ogichida for their submissions.  Congratulations to all the winners!  If you have chickens, and love to take pictures, be sure to enter them each month in the Ultimate Fowl photo contest!


December Contest Winners!

Third place goes to Alpha_K for his beautiful Red Jungle Fowl.

Second Place goes to Pablo Virtuoso for his great looking Hatch.

First place goes to Ogichida for yet another great Thai.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to everyone for their great pictures. It was a very hard decision to narrow it down to the top three pictures! I hope to see everyone in next months contest, and make sure you check out the new contest as it has been split into two categories now. We now have one for gamefowl, and one for standard breed chickens, instead of lumping them all together. You can read more about it HERE. Thanks!


October Photo Contest Results!

Congratulations to all our winners to the October contest!  For November, we are going to have a theme for the contest, Fugly Birds!  If you have a picture of a bird that is so fugly it is cute, be sure to submit your bird!  It could be a chicken experiencing a particualarly hard moult, or just a crossed up mutt!  Hope to see you there!

November “Fugly Bird” Contest

Third place goes to red beard
red beard

Second place goes to Ogichida

First Place is Shamolady!


September Photo Contest Results Announced!

The first of many photo contests at the Ultimate Fowl Forum is over, and the winners have been announced!   Congratulations to the winners!  Thanks to everyone for submitting some excellent pictures!  If you like to take pictures of your chickens, check out our next contest for the month of October HERE and enter some of your birds!

3rd Place goes to Ogichida


2nd Place goes to Japman


1st Place goes to game to the end

game to the end

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