Organics at it’s best

Feeding poultry on an organic diet can be tricky. This diet cannot include meat meals and bone meals or crops that have been genetically modified. Organic rations won’t be able to contain medications as well as animal byproducts so care must be taken to have a balanced diet of the right proteins and phosphorus. Before you start to feed any type of premixed organic diet to your poultry, always check with the certified organization to make sure it is just that..Organic. These rations are sometimes short in energy values as opposed to commercial feeds and will not be formulated to control internal parasites such as coccidiosis. Vitamin and Mineral premixes as well as Enzyme sources should be included in the rations, especially if you are attempting to mix your own. Some of the building blocks of protein include Lysine HCI and DL Methionine. Since animal products can’t be used, adding phosphorus is very important here. Phosphorus is essential for good skeletal growth and can be added simply by using Dicalcium Phosphate. Some examples of organic rations are wheat, barley or oats, soybean meal, peas, kelp, and salt.

Organic practices for livestock management focus on the well being of animals, environment, and human beings. Animal health care in organic systems focuses on prevention, not treatment: reduced stress, good nutrition, sanitation, and smart breeding selection. When treatment is necessary, allowed practices and substances are clearly defined. Did you know that animals that are grazed are more likely to be reinfected by parasites than those who are confined? Therefore, internal parasites may pose a greater challenge for organic livestock producers because of their tendency to be more reliant on pastures. To read more about organics  for poultry and livestock, check out the Ultimate Fowl Forum!


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