Why raise gamefowl?

With all the new laws, and cockfighting being illegal in all 50 states now, why raise gamefowl?  To anyone who has ever owned these birds, the answer is obvious, but to people who have never experienced owning games themselves, it is unclear.  I get asked all the time, “Aren’t those fighting chickens?”.  I say, “Yes, they have been used for that by some”, but honestly, it goes much deeper than that to many people.  Thanks to animal rights factions, there has been a stigma attached to gamefowl, and the owners of them.  Many people already have opinions formed about games without ever experiencing them first hand.  To a lot of chicken enthusiasts, there is no breed more true to what a chicken should be than games.

Games are typically very hearty fowl, they lay decent, and are some of the best broodies around, but the big difference is that they have that edge of wildness to them.  You don’t need to fight chickens to appreciate this trait.  Most games exude an air of confidence that you just won’t see in other breeds.  They hold their heads high and proud, but can be some of the gentlest birds towards people.  When you get into the Oriental games, you will find some of the most intellegent birds out there period.

All in all, games are a joy to raise.  They take a little more effort, as you need to keep them separated, but the joy you will recieve from owning these birds will far offset the extra work needed to keep them.  If you decide to give games a try, I think you will find out what I have, they are some of the best birds to own, and with the current law changes, true games will become harder, and harder to find in the U.S., which is very unfortunate for the breed in my opinion.


1 Response to “Why raise gamefowl?”

  1. October 4, 2008 at 11:13 am

    cockfight is a old history in turkey…

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