Biosecurity for your flock

What is biosecurity? Well, it’s several things actually all rolled up into one. It’s disease prevention for your chicken flock. It’s something you must do and provide to keep them healthy, and free from potential diseases. Isolation is one step in the process. Keep your birds fenced, not just for their own confinement, but also for the protection from other animals as well. This also helps by separating birds by age group if needed in the event medication is necessary. You also want to control traffic on your farm. Keep an area where visitors are only allowed to visit, so that there is no cross contamination to your breeding, and growing pens. Car or truck tires and people’s shoes will carry diseases as well to your flocks. Sanitation plays a large roll. Keep everything clean! Set up a schedule if you have to, to make things easier so you don’t have to do it all at once. Common sense is the biggest factor here in a good program of biosecurity and you will have great, healthy flocks.



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