nutrition and immunity-building a better bird

Poultry, of all sorts and types, have to deal with many different kinds of stress throughout their lives, whether it be weather changes, hormonal changes, shipping, or showing. Good nutrition is a valuable asset to keep their immune systems in top shape to handle these times of stress. You don’t want a bird that gets sick at the drop of a hat, you want a bird that can easily fight off disease, and is vigorous against parasites as well. Too many breeders are unaware that nutrition plays a significant role in how a fowl’s system withstands these two things. A change in feed intake leads to a change in nutrient, and energy intake as well. The development, and maturation of the immune system of young poultry fed nutritionally deficient diets will be compromised. Using fat as the sole energy source of choice in such instances like corn, and scratch grains, may not be the best decision, and that is another mistake that is often made. Always remember that most stress issues are unavoidable, but can be managed. A well balanced feed that includes the correct amount of vitamins, and minerals, plus proper levels of protein, and fat is a must for a healthy immune system, and culling out deficient fowl from your flocks is the key to a disease, and parasite resistant program.



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