Promote your farm’s website!

Do you have trouble getting traffic to your website? Do you have chickens, or other kinds of fowl you want to sell online? If the answer is yes to both of these questions, the Ultimate Fowl Forum has a new free service we are offering, tailor made for this problem! We have started a topsite style breeder list for small poultry, and game bird breeds, where you can list your site, and banner at no cost, and by doing so, your site will get picked up by search engines better. You will also get traffic directly from that site as it grows too, because it is directly linked to our forum, and people will use this list to find breeders who carry the specific fowl they are looking for! You can access the site at Ultimate Fowl Breeders List. All you have to do is submit your information, and follow the directions it gives you to get listed on the site, simple as that!



1 Response to “Promote your farm’s website!”

  1. July 12, 2008 at 10:45 pm

    But the reality is that internet marketing and any other marketing for that matter, is the life blood of any business. But your advantage on the internet is huge, cause of the low cost and ease. (you can do it yourself) But you still have to work hard and put time into it, and this is the problem, no one wants to work….and we all know that nothing is for free in this world. (usually)

    Actually, I’m wrong, there’s tons of stuff for free on the internet, and you can also get a ton of traffic to your site for free, if you know how to play the game, work hard, and know how to market yourself.

    There’s tons of tricks and tips and I try to learn one everyday.


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