Home Use-Commercial to Heritage

The kind of chickens you want will depend on whether you want meat, eggs or exhibition stock. Most people keep chicken for home use. Hens from breeds and varieties such as Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire Red, and Single Comb White Leghorn can be used for egg production, but for maximum egg production and the best investment for your use, commercial stock would be the best. Now days, people are choosing heritage breed stock though to get back to the “old ways” thus making improvements and building up numbers where census was low. Not only do you see a liking for regular brown egg layers, but now we are seeing a fancy for the darker egg layers such as the Marans and Penedescenca. They are fast becoming a popular table bird as well. Other heritage breeds such as the Dominique and Black Java are beginning to make a come back as well, since breeders are becoming more motivated by nostalgia. So when you’re thinking of becoming that endearing chicken farmer, consider a wonderful heritage breed.



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