New poultry forum for all breeds of fowl!

Finally, there is a forum where people can discuss all breeds of fowl! From heritage breeds, gamefowl, rare breeds, and everything in between is welcome at the Ultimate Fowl Forum. We welcome people just beginning with chickens, or experienced breeders here, and everyone is treated equally. You will find access to some of the top breeders around the world here, and it is also an excellent source of information if you are having trouble with your flock. We have a wiki, with detailed breed histories, and tons of medical information for treating sick birds.  If you have a minute, pop on over and join our family!


1 Response to “New poultry forum for all breeds of fowl!”

  1. July 3, 2008 at 7:24 pm

    Ultimate Fowl has been a fantastic place to get help for my sick Polish rooster, advice on how to wash a crazy yard hen that crawled under a car to build a nest and also to network with other rare breeders. The resources on breed history and health are also top notch. As an ALBC member I work to conserve many different rare, heritage and game breeds and this has been an excellent resource for new stock, ideas on care and management as well as a place to talk to people who don’t think I am crazy for collecting chickens! Great place to be a member!

    Fowlafoot Poultry Conservation Farm

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